Call Julie at 435-640-1793. We have retired but recommend Julie who is a wonderful Utah-based Coton “home breeder.” 

Have fun!



WE HAVE YOUR THANKSGIVING COTON PUPPY. Call or text Julie at 435-640-1793 FOR PHOTOS & MORE INFORMATION. $1,800 for pickup or possible delivery. 
WE DELIVER OUTSIDE METRO SALT LAKE AREA. Perhaps we can meet you part-way or at the airport. Popular delivery options include Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and other states.


FOR CURRENT LITTER CALL or TEXT  FOR INFORMATION Our current litter was born Sept. 18, 2020. It includes 5 puppies, 3 female and 2 male that are all white.  They will be ready for new homes the end of Nov. 2020.  CLICK THE PUPPY PHOTOS LINK ABOVE TO SEE THEM.

You can learn more by calling or texting Julie Orgill at 435-640-1793. Your $500 PayPal Guaranteed Deposit will reserve your puppy. 

WAITING LIST — Just  contact Julie (cell: 435-640-1793, email: julieorgill@hotmail.com) to request we notify you when our next litter arrives. We raise all white Coton puppies.

A PREVIOUS LITTER included 5 beautiful white puppies (you give them their final names).

DONNA is is elegant simplicity and ready for the grand ball in all white with black ears and a black “monocle eyepiece” marking around her left eye.

DESTINY is mysterious with her white body, and black spots, ears and tail, plus a black “bandit mask” marking around her eyes.

DELILAH is equally stylish and smart looking  in her tuxedo-like coat, with a black/gray upper body, white belly, legs, collar, tail tip, plus black ears, and noble forehead divided by a white strip down to her white muzzle and jawline.  

These fun little puppies found fine new homes quickly, so feel free to text or call now (Cell: 435-640-1793) to reserve your very own pedigree Coton from our current or upcoming litter.

Photos and video clips are posted on the Puppy Photos page.

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They were born at our home in the country/mountains 20 miles from Park City, Utah. Go to “Puppy Photos” page to see these handsome pups.


Coton de Tulears are a special and rare breed of small dogs (under 18 pounds) that are related to the Bichon Frise family of dogs. “Cotons” are new to the USA and were only listed as a registered breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2014.

Cotons are very affectionate, sociable, sturdy dogs that adapt well to apartment/condo living thanks to their need for only a modest level of activity. Not only are they low maintenance and good with children and other pets, but they are also a non-shedding breed with hypo-allergenic hair (rather than fur).

Best of all, each puppy is unique; all have sweet, robust personalities, wonderful companions, and are great fun!

Delivery options include Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and other states.