Parents & Stud Service

Duchess, our sweet white Coton Dame

Photo of Duchess 2017

BELOW: Our sire Sargeant Major “Whitey” Crumpit (with daughter Belle)

Sarg Smiling 2018 (2)
Sarg’s black eyes, nose and lips are characteristic of purebred Cotons. 


STUD SERVICE: “SARG” is a handsome all white purebred Coton with AKC papers. confident for and experienced at mating IN HOME OF FEMALE DOG.

TIMING: Your female dog’s “heat” cycle of usually 2 weeks begins with first signs of vulvar discharge, or when she begins licking or paying attention to her vulva, which often appears swollen. She will be attractive to Sarg BUT usually will not allow mating, until about day 7. Mating is best on days 10 to 14. Your vet can help target best dates. FREE 2nd stud service if first mating is unsuccessful. For more timing info go to and click on Pet Library to read an excellent summary on “reproduction-in-dogs”

BELOW:  Lady and Colonel Crumpet, our 1st Sire & Dame, now retired

Lady and Colonel are purebreed AKC registered Coton De Tulears. Their official AKC names are “Smackie Girl” and “Casey Casanova” which were changed when they became a “family” and settled into The Avenues neighborhood in Salt Lake City.

Lady and Scout 8-29-15
Lady Crumpet [This is her short hair cut. She has many grooming cut options.]
Both Lady and Colonel have excellent dispositions (Cotons are just not nervous “yappy” dogs!). Lady loves to stay close to her human family members, while Colonel is at ease keeping an eye on things from the comfort of his dog bed. For exercise, they are quite content just using the doggie door to romp and explore the backyard. Still and all, they always enjoy the (optional) walks we take in our neighborhood.

Lady has very soft curly white hair with gray/white ears and a splash of gray/yellow on her sides. She has a hearty build and tips the scale a shade under 18 pounds. Colonel has soft straight hair that is mostly gray with distinctive black and white markings. He is a slim and athletic 15 pounds, making for a size and weight trade-off that our vet prefers for Lady’s birthing cycle.

Colonel in yard 2-29-16
Colonel [with his summer hair cut. When it grows out he may get a mini-sheep dog cut for fun.]
As parents, their pups have all had wavy soft hair. Their first litter on Christmas Eve 2015 included 5 male puppies, 2 white with black markings, 2 black with white markings, and one fluffy gray pup with markings like Colonel. Together, they are a great pair who are fun to watch, especially when they chase each other, or playfully spar and wrestle.

Colonel side shot 2-29-16