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In the summer of 2015, we added two Cotons to our family, Colonel and Lady Crumpet. Colonel’s official AKC name is “Casey Casanova” but his mildly pretentious looking facial hair reminded us of the character “Colonel Mustard” from the beloved board game Clue. Lady, on the other hand, seemed way too proper and attentive to retain her official AKC name of “Smackie Girl”. And every Lady needs a respectable last name, so “Crumpet” seemed the perfect surname for such a distinguished couple. Their former names may have been more fitting for a pirate’s life on the high seas and mysterious ports of call, but when they have moved to a respectable home in “The Avenues” in Salt Lake City, the change was quite apropos .

Lady tips the scale at a hearty 18 pounds and Colonel is a slim and athletic 15 pounder, making for a size and weight trade-off that our vet preferred for Lady’s birthing of her first litter, which transpired on Christmas Eve 2015. She has proved to be a great mother whose natural instincts served her and the pups to perfection. Colonel struggled to adjust when his favorite girl became less available due to the demands of motherhood, but he has maintained a fastidious eye on all that has transpired and is finding new purpose now that the pups run to him at playtime while Lady finds a quiet spot to rest.

The puppies are healthy and active, though they still sleep much of the time as they continue to grow and gain weight almost before our eyes. They are ready for good homes with people looking for low stress, low maintenance canine companions. Cotons are known for their adaptability, perhaps due to their pirate ancestry, but they are well content with a low activity landlubber life.

In keeping with the French connection after the breed was brought to France in the 1970s, we have proposed French names for their AKC registry, but you may well choose another more suitable name for your environs.

The sire and madam of the pups are AKC registered Coton de Tulears with impressive pedigrees to assure you of their noble roots, despite any ill-gotten gains that may be attributable to their forebears.

Is it time for you to select your puppy?


Breeding Cotons and raising a healthy litter of purebred puppies requires more effort than meets the eye, including  many demands, ongoing expenses, plus hours of close and watchful care. However, it is also a privilege to be part of the introduction of a comparatively rare yet popular breed to Utah and beyond.

Each puppy is well socialized in an active household where they receive much attention, including lots of daily playtime with us, plus a steady stream of grandchildren who make regular visits for an abundance of TLC moments with each puppy. The puppies are also moderately attuned to paper training but will need continued orientation and training.

Prior to you taking delivery approximately 8 weeks following birth, each puppy will have received all the appropriate shots and treatments for their age, and will have been examined by our veterinarian, so that you receive a fully documented clean bill of health for your special companion puppy. Included in the price for your puppy: 

  1. Current vaccinations and ,  
  2. Copy of parents 3 Generation Pedigree
  3. AKC litter registry document for the puppy
  4. Puppy kit with leash, collar and starter food
  5. Purchase agreement that confirms your payment and the neutering commitment explained below.

Delivery Options Outside the Salt Lake Metro Area can be arranged by meeting partway or at the airport. In cabin travel with a hired attendant may cost an additional $325.

Stud Service can be arranged for mating, preferably at your location.

Food: We only feed our dogs top quality dog food. This ensures healthy skin and coat. It also ensures proper growth and nutrition from the balance of various vitamins, proteins and fats.

Care: Excellent online information on how to care for your new puppy, potty training, feeding, grooming, etc. can be found at

PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE “IN FULL” or “DOWN PAYMENT” TO RESERVE PUPPY.    Please contact us to arrange either payment in full or to make a $300 deposit to reserve your puppy.

If you decide to reserve a specific puppy by making a deposit, you can pay the balance when you arrive to take your puppy home.

PAYPAL—Payment via PayPal is preferred for recordkeeping purposes, but cash, or credit card are certainly acceptable. Using a Paypal account makes it possible to pay by credit card or through your bank account online. Our email address,, should be used to make payment via PayPal.

 Your deposit will secure the puppy of your choice. The deposit is non-refundable since by accepting your reservation we may have to turn others away (deposit is refunded if the puppy fails his final health exam just prior to delivery).

Puppy Selection:  If you are not able to make your selection in person, we can help you select a puppy that matches your preferences and needs.

YOUR AKC REGISTRATION & NEUTERING REMINDER: Since our Coton puppies are varied in color,  we have given them an  “AKC Limited Registration.” They are perfectly suited as home companion dogs and are not raised for breeding. New owners should arrange for neutering according to  early-age veterinary guidelines shortly after their puppy has gotten settled in its new home. Under the limited registration as non-breeding dogs, the puppies may not be entered in a “breed competition” in an AKC licensed or member dog show. Generally, Coton show dogs must be all-white. However, your Coton de Tulear puppy is a purebred Coton through and through, and may still be entered in any other AKC licensed or member event . . . and should provide you with years of happy companionship. Viva la Cotons!

WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU. To discuss puppy selection and delivery arrangements, or other questions, please call or email anytime.

Joseph McKay, Partner

Cell: 720-375-0424


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